Red Barn Roast

Red Barn is happy to now be roasting premium, ethically sourced, organic coffee beans from independent farmers in Central America. Our mission has extended to coffee as we continue to support farms, close the gap between farmers and you, and work to consistently do more good in the community and less harm for the environment.
Red Barn Coffee is sustainably roasted on the farm in small batches using our leading-edge Bellwether Roaster producing zero emissions. We are certain you can taste the difference!


The Honduras COMSA Women’s Lot is in many ways a classic washed Central American coffee that is both clean and sweet with caramel and chocolate tones throughout, but we were pleasantly surprised at the complexity and nuance that came through across roast levels. Roasted lighter the acidity shone through and we tasted floral notes of lavender and wildflower honey, along with tangerine, maple and toffee. Citrus notes were still present in darker roast styles, along with notes of fudge, brown sugar, and caramel.

About this Coffee

The COMSA cooperative was founded in Marcala, La Paz in 2001 with just 60 producer-members and has grown to over 1,500. The cooperative is rooted in organic farm management practices, the empowerment of small farmers from the region, and meticulous post-harvest standards of hand sorting cherry, cherry floating, proper fermentation, and long drying times. Over the years, COMSA has significantly increased the participation of women within the organization, which has resulted in an active women’s group that processes their own community lots. This particular lot is a washed processed coffee, which comes from 15 farms owned by women member-producers. This lot from COMSA was grown by all women producers and is Fair Trade Organic certified.