Hanna Family Ranch

Hanna Family Ranch, nestled in Bentonville, was founded by Will, a retired fireman and his wife, Waltina, who moved from California in 2006 to be closer to their grandkids. What started as a desire for a mere 5 acres of land quickly evolved into a sprawling 35-acre ranch. After some deliberation on how to best utilize their acres, they embarked on their farming journey, initially raising pigs in 2014 before transitioning to sheep in 2017.
The couple finds immense fulfillment in their work through the people they have met along the way. Their ranch has become a catalyst for a vibrant community that didn’t exist a decade ago, providing an opportunity to engage with different generations and gain insights into evolving perspectives. They believe in staying positive and making an active choice each day to live a fulfilling life.



When it comes to their livestock, the Hanna Family Ranch primarily focuses on raising Dorper sheep, a robust and stocky breed. They understand that the farm-to-table movement is more than just a trend—it represents a genuine concern for food sources and a willingness to invest time and resources. The unwavering support from the community is what truly makes their efforts worthwhile.
There are no days off at Hanna Family Ranch, as the family wholeheartedly dedicates themselves to their work. Currently, they are expanding their knowledge by attending farm school at CAFF, where they are learning about soil science and exploring the possibility of incorporating vegetable production into their ranch. Additionally, they recently set up a hoop house and are looking forward to selling their own honey soon after introducing bees to their farm last year.
Hanna Family Ranch continues to evolve, driven by their passion for sustainable farming and building a strong community that values the origins of their food.