Apply Now to Become an Apprentice at Arkansas' First Agrihood!

Become a Farmer’s Apprentice

Our ideal apprentice candidate is someone who desires to farm on their own or manage a farm at some point in the future, who wants to learn sustainable agriculture from the inside out, who is willing and able to work long and hard, who has a sense of humor, who is able to take instruction and give constructive feedback, who can interact with our customers in an intimate setting, is responsible and committed, and able to live and work closely with us. Ability to self-educate about particular areas of interest, plus interest in talking about why we do things the way we do are also important to the apprentice experience. Experience farming and/or working with equipment, including tractors, hand tools, mowers, construction tools, etc., is encouraged, but not required. Apprentices that can commit to a full season will be preferred.

A Red Barn Farm apprentice receives well-balanced training on farm business operations, production techniques, and hands-on skill building from our experienced farmers. We love teaching beginning farmers and have years of practice on our side. Come learn from the best!


Housing is provided here at Red Barn. The apartment of our farm house is well appointed with a kitchen, two bedrooms, a bathroom, living room, and laundry facilities. These accommodations may be shared by apprentices. Sleeping quarters will be segregated according to varying occupancy and the preferences of the occupants. There is a small meal allowance for lunches.


In return for 40 hours a week of work, apprentices and interns will receive a hands-on education in sustainable farming. Apprentices will receive room and board, plus a monthly stipend to be determined by experience and commitment. 

Are We the Right Fit for You? – Our Goals

Education – We want our farm to be a learning tool for all who are willing and interested whether they are residential apprentices, casual passersby, or anyone in between.

Profitability – We intend to demonstrate that urban farming on our scale is more than a token of interest; it’s a viable way for a family to make a living on a small piece of land.

Sustainability – We will employ and demonstrate techniques that allow our soil to remain in place while improving fertility, health, and productivity over many years to come.

Community Building – We believe our constant neighborly presence outdoors has great potential for building relationships, community, and accountability among neighbors.

Environmental Responsibility – In all things we do, may our first question be, “Does this make sense for the health of our natural environment?”

Innovation – Constantly on all fronts.

If you’re interested in teaming up with Red Barn Farm, please send your résumé to farm@redbarnbentonville.com.