A Natural Escape Close to the City

Northwest Arkansas has a huge infrastructure of greenway and mountain bike trails, with dozens running through Bentonville. Three miles pass directly through the Red Barn property, linking you to both city life and natural escapes via the Bentonville City Trails, Razorback Greenway and road rides. Then there’s Slaughter Pen Mountain and its multi-use trail system, Blowing Springs, Back 40, Hobbs State Park, Lake Atlanta Loop and Mt. Kessler. At Red Barn, you’re connected to it all.

Connected to 150+ Miles of Trails

Downtown Bentonville

Red Barn is only a mile north of downtown Bentonville—the perfect walking and biking distance for an adventure to the square. Hop on the paved greenway just 20 feet from the property; it’ll take you straight to the city hub where you’ll find an abundance of top-notch food, coffee shops, book stores, and great hang-out spots.

The Red Barn Trails Map

New trail sections in the area are being built every week. Click on the image below to find an updated map of the ones near your new home sweet home.